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Updated: Nov 8, 2018

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April marks my second month of working with and what a month it’s been, I’ve had weddings and weekends away not to mention jetting off to Belfast to meet up with Insta royalty.

It’s been quite the month and it’s safe to say Very has had me covered, and not just me I found some great pieces for Tigs in the ‘V’ by Very range too. I’d never have thought to look at Very for baby clothes before, but they have a lovely range of pieces that are a little bit different and really great prices I’ve just picked out a lovely dress for Dottie’s upcoming forth birthday.

My snazzy shoes I wore for the Very shoot made an appearance during my trip to Belfast. I love them they are such a statement and remarkably comfortable for a high heel. Everyone compliments them, and I now find myself planning outfits around wearing them on a night out. I often hear/read about people wanting to have a capsule wardrobe, but I think it would be a little boring not to have the odd curve ball to whip out every now and then.

Talking of statement pieces has hit the jackpot with the latest summer maxi in a beautiful palm print. I wore it to dinner while we were away and felt fab in it, Dots kept asking if she could carry my train for me, I think she thought it was a little bit special too. I can’t wait to wear it again and I know it would look great for a dressier event with heels.

Today I dared to share a picture of myself in a swimsuit on Instagram........... why as women are we so afraid of swimwear I don’t know.... but we are, Josh would never ask me if his trunks looked okay before taking the kids for a swim. What I’ve found over the years is it’s not about swimwear in general it’s about finding the right swimwear for you and something you feel comfortable wearing. For me it must be a one piece.

That’s not to say I don’t like bikinis I do. I have nothing to hide I was very fortunate not to get a single stretch mark during my four pregnancies but for me I find the support and cut of a good swimsuit makes me feel much more confident. I’m totally in love with this cute baby blue one piece its supportive and cut in the most flattering way with a low dipping back and the cute ties across the bust.  Just because it’s a swimsuit not a bikini doesn’t mean it has to be drab or Mumsy in fact sometimes less is more or more is more in this case…

I’m really enjoying dipping into my fashionistas side on here I hope you are enjoying it too.

Martha xx

Lulu Heel Sandal

Palm Print Maxi Dress

Cornflower Blue Swimsuit