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Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Paid Partnership

March marked the beginning of an exciting collaboration for me with initially when I was asked I couldn’t comprehend why they would ask me?  being a mum of four, time and budget aren’t always on my side when it comes to the latest trends. But I have always been a fashion enthusiast so to be frank with you I jumped at the chance.

Gone are the days of splurging my wages on new jeans and designer makeup, often I find myself in over worn favourites while shopping for another new dress for the girls. So, when I’m choosing clothes for myself I’m always looking for capsule items I know I’ll wear again and again either that or bargains.

My top pick this month from the V by Very range must be my girlfriend jeans I’m generally a skinny jean girl through and through, but I’d seen other people in these and wanted to give them a try. I’m completed converted and haven’t taken them off, the high waist makes them super comfy as well as flattering and they are a complete bargain. I’ve worn them on the school run with a t-shirt and trainers and on a night out with heels and my snazzy Very blazer. For me they are the perfect pair of jeans ones you can just throw on with anything and not even question whether they look good.

As a mum I think it can be easy to fall into a cycle of wearing the same things repeatedly, for me its t-shirts and converse I could wear them day in day out. When I was working at the bridal boutique three days of the week things were different, I would go to work smart/trendy and I do miss it. I love that in-between look, a bit smarter than your usual but not OTT!

With that in mind I added my new V by Very red blazer to my capsule wardrobe, we went to lunch for Josh’s birthday this weekend and my girlfriend jeans teamed with a simple t-shirt a pair of loafers and the red blazer made for the perfect ‘a bit smarter than average’ outfit. Just that little something extra to give me a boost and make me feel fab, and isn’t that just the best feeling? When you walk into a room feeling great? Especially if it didn’t cost the earth to achieve it.

I’ll look forward to sharing my top picks with you next month

Martha xx

Girlfriend Jeans

Colour Block Jumper


Red Blazer