the accidental co-sleeper

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

I’ve titled this ‘The Accidental Co-Sleeper’ as co-sleeping was never part of the plan.... although it was never not part of the plan either.

The Current Situation

Tiggy goes up to bed at 7.30 pm (awake) and goes straight to sleep by herself in our bed. For the safety conscious readers, she is on her own on our bed, but I generally leave the door ajar while I potter about upstairs until she has fallen asleep. She sleeps until around 3.00 am when she’ll wake for boob at that point I just stick her on. she then wakes last out of everybody at around 8.00 am.

So that’s how things work currently, when she was tiny I would always put her to bed in her crib next to me and just scoop her up for feeds and pop her back. But as time went on she became more and more unsettled, so she ended up staying in our bed for a little longer after each feed until it got to a point where putting her back in her own bed was causing more sleepless nights than just leaving her beside me. When she was smaller I would put the Sleepy Head in the middle of the bed, so she had a protective little nest between us.

Tiggy is our first full time co-sleeper, Felix was a dreamboat and slept 12 hours solid from 10 weeks old and just loved his bed. Indie was a nightmare she barely slept and woke constantly through the night to the point where we were all exhausted and miserable.

Controlled crying just isn’t for me, so I would spend all night getting up and down with her, If I could go back I would have just popped her into our bed and been done with it. But at this point I was still quite new to motherhood and it felt so imbedded in my head that you must have a good sleep routine. It always seemed to be the favourite topic of conservation with other mums raving about how their little one would go up at 6.00pm and they wouldn’t see them again until the next morning at 7.00am. I can remember thinking if that ever happened to us I would genuinely think someone had stolen the baby in the night!!!

Thinking back, Dottie was when we started to mellow and accept co-sleeping she was more of a part time co-sleeper she would spend the first half of the night in her own bed and then come in with us when she woke in the night. Around the age of two we moved her into a toddler bed at which point she learnt to love her little nest and stayed put ever since.

So although I know co-sleeping will always get the occasional eye brow raise and at times it can be labelled as lazy parenting but it works for us the same as sleep training might work for others, don’t get me wrong it’s not always blissful sleep cuddled up together we still have the odd rough night fuelled by teething pain etc but having four children we have 100% learnt to choose our battles and this just isn’t one of them. There are three other children that need our time and attention during the day and I feel that our co-sleeping set up ensures we are well rested enough to get up and give them all we must give. I can honestly say I have never felt less tired during these early years with a little one.

I have linked here some safe co-sleeping tips.

Martha xx