sleep......or the lack of it

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

I am asked daily how does she sleep? is she good? Well you know what the answer is simple at the moment, she sleeps like a baby...she sleeps when she feels safe, when she feels content, when she feels full...which is generally when she's in my arms or attached to me. But isn't that normal?

When I think about it, it really is crazy to expect these tiny humans to sleep 12 hours on the trot in a bed all alone. Not that I'm not completely jealous of these mums who are blessed with great sleepers I totally am!! I do just feel like our expectations are a little unrealistic and no wonder so many mums get caught up in the whole how many hours does your baby go? competition. If there are any new mums or mums to be reading this my advice to you is don't expect to much, then anything you do get can be seen as a happy bonus! I have four children a husband and a cat I rely on to sleep soundly before it's my turn, I'm not sure what these odds are but I imagine not many would bet on me!!!!

Am I tired? Honestly no not really, if I slept 8 hours solid I'd wake up and wonder what the hell had happened to me...... four pregnancies and four babies later I wake up at least once or twice a night, either for a wee or to write lists in my head! I'm also a complete night worrier I will lay for hours blowing the smallest things completely out of proportion and believing that if I don't immediately act on upping Indies reading she will never learn, therefore not be able to get a job and live with us forever............ you see how it spirals! Don't get me wrong I love my bed, we got a new Simba sleep mattress this month which really is a game changer, making it much harder to get up in the mornings it's just sometimes hard to switch off!

Obviously some nights are better than others, we've had a handful where Tigs has slept through ( by slept through I mean 10-6 and by a handful I mean twice) One night last week reminded me of that episode of friends, the one when they're up all night! The baby didn't go to sleep until 11 then the minute our heads hit the pillow Josh's car alarm started going off which went on for around an hour before he could get it to stop! Moments later the baby woke back up, followed by Felix who was convinced it was morning and time to start the day at 5 am (but it's light outside mum?) he has a point although it was very unlike him, Felix has always been our champion sleeper the only one that slept through as a baby (Indie and Dots were both two) and he still loves his sleep now! If Felix has a late night he'll then sleep in gone nine where as the girls will still be up at there usual 6 am just with added sass and grumpiness!!

We have been lucky with all our babies in that putting them up to bed has never been a problem they've all always happily gone up awake and got themselves off to sleep with no tears, and no bed hopping. I do think the sooner you get into this routine the easier it is, that said Tigs still spends every evening downstairs with us cuddled up or snoozing on the sofa.

I can't remember at what age I started putting the others up, whether I'd done it by now? but it doesn't feel right to me yet, so sat on the sofa watching eight out of ten cats for now she will stay. We have four bedrooms, the girls chose to share a while ago,so we have a room waiting for Tiggy when she's (I'm) ready for that stage! There's a strong possibility Tiggy could suffer under the consequences of my last baby syndrome (poor child)

Napping is a whole different game, for Dottie at the moment there is a time frame, or a safe zone where if she naps bedtime isn't affected. generally she needs to have her nap before 2 pm or she's lost her chance, and every time she goes quiet I will pop up like a chirpy leprechaun to snap her back to reality. The amount of times I've been cooking dinner and turned round to a snoozing Dottie on the sofa......I'm sure your all familiar to the phrase 'danger nap' and how it makes you heart sink! We're at a tough point where she can't quite go all day without a sleep but she definitely can't have too long! So for now I will continue to police any sofa snoozers!!!

Me and my sisters often chat about our sleepless nights and it really is nice to know your not the only one wandering around looking for lost dummies or lovies in the middle of the night, trying to justify that something really isn't quite right with your little darling and Calpol is definitely needed! It can feel like you're the only person in the world, so next time you get an email or an Instagram message from me just check the time because catching up on messages is obviously a job I like to save for 3 am night feeds!!!!

Martha xx