shower room

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

When we moved in there was a very small downstairs loo, slap bang in the middle of the now kitchen diner basically where the island now is. Obviously, this wasn’t going to work so we rejigged (a lot) and the now shower room is where part of the old kitchen was. We put up a new wall on the kitchen side and created a door from the hallway. A much better layout with the downstairs toilet in the centre of the house.

The space we had was much bigger than just a small cloakroom but not quite big enough to make it a toilet and a utility room. So, we decided to go with a shower room, partly because there was space to do this but partly because we knew our plans for upstairs would mean losing our ensuite so we wanted to make sure there were still two proper bathrooms in the house.

I’ve always thought of downstairs loo’s as a place to have a little bit of fun when it comes to decor after all its generally a small space so doing a little revamp in the future wouldn’t cost the earth. With the room being in the centre of the house it has no window which obviously makes it dark, so rather than fight the darkness I decided to go with it and flow my downpipe theme from the hallway into the bathroom.

After a little browse of Pinterest I was totally sold on the dark grey and pink theme, I’d already set my heart on the star tiles in the hallway and with the bathroom being straight off of the hall it made sense for the tiles to flow through. I’m not a big fan of floor changes and we already have wood in the living room and tiles in the kitchen so I think a fourth type would have driven me mad.

The shower, toilet, radiator and vanity unit are all from when I spotted the pink unit, I knew I needed it in my life I just love it! I also love the storage aspect I’m not sure I’d ever go for a standard sink again. We popped a couple of the star tiles above the sink as a splash back to create a contrast against the pink.

With the tiles and pink vanity unit being quite jazzy I decided the shower tiles needed to be much simpler I picked up a few white brick style samples but in the end I discovered these fab pink tiles from Topps Tiles they are so simple but effective teamed with a dark grout. And match the sink unit perfectly.

The walls are all painted in down pipe as is the door which I just love, it really keeps the room looking neat when you’re in there and adds interest in the hallway.

When we were doing the work, I wasn’t sure how much the shower would get used, but it does every single day. It’s super handy for the older children they can hop in the shower whilst I’m clearing up from dinner and with them being downstairs, I can keep an eye on them. And, we much prefer it to an ensuite Josh can come down in the morning and get ready for work without waking up the whole house. I’d say if you’re thinking about having a downstairs shower room go for it it’s without a doubt one of the best decisions we’ve made on this house.

Martha x