Updated: Nov 8, 2018

With four children in six years it's safe to say I've been around the pram department and back again. I have been a loyal member of the bugaboo club for quite some time but since having Tiggy I've had to change it up! 

Josh's auntie gave us her old bugaboo (that's one good hand me down) for Felix, which I loved. Then when I was expecting Indie only nine months later, I had to consider doublers. We ended up with a Phil and Teds Explorer which I hand on heart hated! I swear it weighed more than me and took up my whole boot space. Indie was basically in a bag in the basket underneath, which was lovingly named the Cocoon or something? And she screamed blue murder every time she went in it.

This was six years ago, so I'm sure there are better options around now and I bet there's people that love the Phil and Teds. I think a pram is a very personal choice, so what works for one person won't always work for another, me and my sister always moan about each other's prams when we have a switch. But after my double buggy experience I vowed to Josh that any future babies needed to be spaced out enough that a doubler was not needed!!!

Indie was nearly three when Dottie was born so yet again I had a bugaboo cameleon in plum. Indie was a bit of a dream toddler and just walked along holding the pram. When Dottie reached 18 months I was certain she was my last and never having any more babies. I sold my bugaboo and bought the Cath Kidston limited addition Maclaren buggy! I loved that buggy, minus the tipping over, when said toddler jumped out and the bags hit the floor! Although I think that's a good sign you've spent too much money and it's time to head home! 

Dottie was also nearly three when Tiggy arrived (my ideal age gap if anyone's interested) so I went straight back to the bugaboo all black this time. But alas my beloved bugaboo hasn’t worked out in quite the same way. Now being a family of six when we are all together we must have a seat up in the back. Once that seat is up the cameleon pretty much filled the remainder of the boot space, meaning a few bags of shopping or a couple of pairs of wellies and we were at full capacity!!

I had heard of these little pop up buggies before but never really thought they seemed suitable for daily use or small babies...... when I was asked by Babyzen to review their yoyo buggy I thought I'd give it a go. I have genuinely been amazed by this pram it folds down so compactly that it sits behind Felix’s seat, meaning the whole other side is free!! They fold down so small that you can take them onto flights as hand luggage.... which is amazing and hopefully we will be taking full advantage of that next summer! With these smaller buggies I always question the comfort for the baby, and although the frame itself is much smaller than my previous prams the actual seat for the baby is just the same and I think Tiggy looks more than happy in there! 

It is super light and easy to manoeuvre Felix and Indie can easily have a go pushing, which they love. And as light as it is, it does not tip!!!! We tested it to the max during our recent trip to Centre Parcs our boot was so full it just sat in the foot well under Tig’s car seat. We took it down all the woodland walks with no problems and folded it up under a table while having dinner! 

Babyzen also do a buggy board to fit the yoyo which has come in handy as Dottie is not quite the angelic toddler Indie was! On a few occasions we've popped Tigs in her sling and Dottie has sat in the buggy, she is a tall three-year-old but doesn't look too big in it at all. I've been using the yoyo every day and find it super nifty, especially for the generally rushed school run, so much so I've sold on my bugaboo now that's commitment!!! 

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Martha xx