Updated: Nov 8, 2018

I feel like a permanent resident of limbo land, not knowing when you will be moving is a funny place to be. I need to pack, I need to do the new school application but neither can be done until we have a move date. I have started decluttering as surely that will help? but I know as soon as we finally get a date it will be all systems go!

The children are surprisingly ok 'ish' at the prospect of moving schools I'm more worried about Dot than the older ones as it took her some time to settle at preschool. Felix did have a wobble last week, he came home excitedly with a letter in his hand for the school trip to the panto in December. When I told him, he'll be at his new school by then, his little lip went and he properly sobbed which is a rarity these days. I felt like the wicked witch of the west. But thankfully I spoke to his lovely teacher who has said he can go back for the day and join his buddies on the trip. 

The original aim was to move in October half term granted a little optimistic but fingers crossed by my birthday (November the 15th) we'll be residing in our new abode. I'm finding it takes up so much head space, a friend asked what we're doing for a holiday next year? I can barely think about Christmas now let alone holidays. 

We did have a little trip to Centre Parcs at the beginning of the month, I've never been and have always been a little sceptical. It was great fun, the older two especially were in heaven, adrenaline fuelled rapids followed by hot chocolate and more flume rides everyday what's not to love. Although If you are thinking of going be aware you will spend at least four hours a day in a swimsuit! 

I have put a couple of pieces by for Christmas but only things I've spotted while doing the food shop, nothing substantial. Since having the children, I have realised that the earlier I start the more money I'll spend, as I'll just keep adding and spotting more I just must get! Then the week before Christmas I'll be wrapping my 'finished' shop, and Josh will swoop off and spank a load more money on things he wanted to get them i.e. the Lego set which I said was far too pricey to come from Santa! He's also a huge fan of a family present, which usually fits into the game console category generally, more of a hit for himself and Felix than me and the girls. Although I'm thinking this year I can gate crash the family present maybe with a Daschund?!?! 

I'm so ready to start our new project my head is full to the brim with ideas, I've even felt a little uninspired for my beloved Instagram page! I know our cottage is lovely but I'm so ready to get cracking on something new, although I will be getting in all the kitchen pics I can before I'm the proud owner of a Shitchen! 

There's straight away jobs and long-term jobs unfortunately the kitchen sits firmly in the long-term jobs category! I think the novelty of more space including a proper hallway and a driveway will keep us occupied for a little while at least! I know we're married with four children but having a proper hallway seems very grown up! The house was built in the 1970's so has lots of space but zero charm or character, I will miss the features of our little cottage but I am looking forward to doing something completely different and a little more modern. Hopefully by Novembers update I will be in full house renovation mode......

Martha xx