This month has gone by in a blur of toing and froing with the solicitors; tying up all the last bits of our house sale caused lots of stress and tears on my part. But we're in and we couldn't be happier! I can't believe how wholly consuming moving is - my birthday seemed to creep up on me out of would think I would be prepared it has been the same day for 29 years now. 

Leaving our cottage was tougher than I ever thought. I stayed to do the last clean on my own which was probably a mistake!!! To say it felt a little depressing would be an understatement… it looked very sorry for itself stripped of all our furniture and belongings. I sobbed like a baby as I posted my key through the door, but I can honestly say since I arrived at the new house I haven't given it a second thought. 

We have so many plans for our new home we have gained masses of space which I think will feel like a novelty for some time. The work on the living room begins this week it will be nice to have one room finished to escape to over the Christmas break.

In January we will be starting off with the family bathroom and our en-suite, there is so much to do but I always think it's good to live somewhere for a little while before you make too many changes or in our case knock down too many walls. From when we drew the plans to when the work started at our cottage the position of the kitchen changed which was the best decision we made.

I will be following the whole process on both my blog and Instagram with lots of before and after shots. Although we renovated and extended the cottage it was before my Instagram obsession began so a lot of it wasn't photographed which is a shame.

The house move seems to have stolen three months of our lives in a puff of smoke and now suddenly it's December next week. I keep seeing people making wreaths and putting their trees up which fills me with panic. But As soon as the lounge is complete our tree will be up so another few weeks for us yet. I'm not completely unorganised - I have done a fair chunk of the Christmas shopping but there's probably as much left to do. This is where my amazon prime comes into its own. 

The children are finishing the term at their current school which means the school run will be a forty-minute round trip, but I thought it would be nice for them to enjoy the festivities of school at Christmas with their buddies and then start a fresh at the new school in January! 

Right! I better get off to redirect my whole life - I've said it before but I'm much more of a practical person. Give me a wall to paint or a cake to bake any day, but calling all the utilities what a bore, could I label this a blue job perhaps? 

Martha xx