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New Year, New Me and all that jazz...

Hello and Happy New Year you lovely lot...

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, I’ve never really done them to be honest. Not the dieting or fitness side of it anyway.

I do often think about the year ahead though and what changes I want to make. I recently did a roundup of 2018 on Instagram and realised just how much we’ve done. And it amazes me but also made me think perhaps sometimes you can be doing too much, and that maybe neither us nor the children benefit from that. Not all the time anyway!

I think anyone with a lot of children plus both parents working will fear they are not doing enough, or that they are missing things. So, although we have big plans for the house again this year which will take time and hard work, my plan is to not let it take over everything and if it takes a little longer then that’s okay.

Having little moments with the children one on one has been something I’ve been trying to do more of over the last few months. Whether it be a dog walk or just a trip to the shops those conversations just you and them when you have a big busy family at home are priceless.

Over Christmas with us both being off we were able to do this more. Since we’ve had Frank, we try to go for walks most days not everyone wants to go all the time, so we take it in turns. We’re lucky enough to live in a village with lots of beautiful footpaths and fields to explore. We are now all fully kitted with our Hunter wellies I swear by them from my horsey days and wouldn’t buy any other welly.

I find walking the dog incredibly relaxing. Sometimes on my work days as I’m getting everyone ready for school/nursery I can feel the lists reeling in my head and I can get a bit frantic and overwhelmed in a rush to go at it all. But, if the first thing I do is to walk the dog; even a short walk if I’ve got loads to do, it just gives me the time to reign it all in and calm the hell down!

Top Tip do not take your phone on a walk or if you do turn it on silent, so you can really forget it all.

Martha xx

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