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Tis the season to be sociable and I'm all for embracing it...

Between my 30th birthday and the Christmas season beginning I’m feeling like quite the socialite. Josh and I escaped to Edinburgh for a few nights to celebrate my birthday, it was pure bliss and such a wonderful place if you haven’t been you really must.

The joy of getting ready to go out is often lost at home when you’re trying to juggle making yourself look presentable and bath time for the smalls. What a novelty it was to be able to get ready leisurely and in peace with a glass of fizz in hand obvs! On our first evening I wore a snake skin print maxi dress by river island the cut is super flattering and perfect for over indulging (ideal over the next few weeks) I love the big blouson sleeves and slits either side of the skirt which make it super trendy and not at all mumsy. I think this will have to be my Christmas day dress you just can’t beat comfort on Christmas day and even better if it’s a glam look too.

As soon as December arrives it suddenly feels like the children don’t have enough clothes. Every other day there’s something happening, disco’s days out visiting family. I picked out these little dresses for the girls which are perfect for the busy weeks ahead. For me you can’t beat a dress. A complete outfit in one no arguing about tops going with skirts etc. my girls have become very opinionated on what they will and won’t wear and these made the cut.

If your anything like me your ‘need to get list’ is never ending now. From clothes for myself, to Christmas jumpers, to presents for the children, there’s always something I’m searching for online each evening and I’m always trying to order as much from one place as possible to keep the delivery costs down.

Along with the girls dresses I picked a few of the girls’ toys from Very this month too, Indie has been obsessed with music for so long now and at the top of her list was a guitar. I was amazed at the huge range of musical instruments and toys on from guitars and keyboards to karaoke machines they have the lot. Dots is very much still princess obsessed and her want to be a hair stylist when she grows up inspired me to pick out a Belle styling head. I can still remember getting something similar when I was little, I loved it until my sister took hair stylist too far and cut her hair off!!!! We are nowhere near done on the Christmas shopping front, but I’ve really tried to put thought into what I’m buying this year so not to waste money or buy things that won’t be played with.

My last piece from Very this month is my new snazzy jacket a little bit of indulgence this festive season for mummy. I’m totally in love with this quirky jacket something I might not have worn a few years ago but I think you reach a point where you base your choices purely on what you love. I’ve already worn it out twice and I just know I’ll wear it again and again. I bet my girls will be fighting over it as teenagers, but they’ll have to prise it off me first.

I hope you’ve found this helpful and if I don’t speak to you before have a wonderful Christmas

Martha xx

Zigi Embellished Jacket

Snake Print Maxi Dress

Girls Floral Dress

Girls Ruffle Check Dress

Junior Guitar

Disney Princess Belle Styling Head