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Updated: Nov 8, 2018

I am no beauty blogger I am far from it, but I am asked daily about products and my regime. So, before I begin I just want to be clear this may not be the best or right way to do ‘beauty’ but this is what I do.

I am without a doubt a one trick pony with makeup whether it be the school run or a night out I use the same products I just might slap a bit more on for a night out. I only use a handful of products my key points are base, brows, blush and concealer these are the things I need to feel like me.

So, I start with my base which is Estee Lauder double wear which is £34 this in my opinion is the best foundation out there, I love it, gives amazing coverage and lasts all day, it is quite a heavy option so if you don’t like feeling like you have makeup on this probably isn’t the foundation for you.

After double wear I move onto concealer, I am often complemented on my skin I can’t lie I do have good skin partly genes and partly good maintenance I guess? But no break outs doesn’t mean I don’t have problem areas, for me my biggest thing will always be dark circles around my eyes. Up until very recently I swore by the super cheap and cheerful Rimmel match perfection concealer it comes in at around £6 and I have been using It for the best part of ten years.... My new find was sold up to me at the makeup counter whilst I was getting colour matched for double wear (a must if you want to get any foundation shade right) Estee Lauder double wear waterproof concealer is super light and so much more natural at £24 it is a pricier option, but I think it is worth the difference although if you are on a budget the Rimmel concealer is a great option.

For me getting the base right is the most important thing so this is generally where I spend my money everything from now on is much more budget friendly. Who knows maybe one day I will be able to afford to do my whole face at the Estee Lauder counter? But until then this is what I use. Blush mascara and lipstick is all from the Autograph Range at M&S. I know I can be a little heavy handed with the blusher but what can I say I like a pink cheek, the one I am currently using is called pale blush. Mascara is just a bog standard black jobby I’m quite lucky in that I have dark thick lashes anyway, so I’ve always grabbed any mascara really and I don’t wear eyeliner, just thought I’d clear that up as people keep asking where I get my eyeliner from. I tend to only put mascara on my top lashes not the bottom its silly really, but I just prefer the shape of my eyes this way, when I put mascara on my bottom lashes I think my eyes look to round and bull froggy!

Lipstick wise I’m not totally in love at the moment I was obsessed with a Kate for Rimmel one last summer, but they discontinued it, I’m currently using an M&S Autograph one called soft rose which is ok but I’m on the hunt for a soft summery pink If anyone has any suggestions?

The all-important brows which I am quite proud of, I mean I’ve put a lot of time and effort in there, well my sister has!!! So, my top tip is tint and wax those bad boys! Again, this is just my opinion and not by any means what you should do. As teenagers my sister was a beautician, so we had our own little wax pot station at our house, living the bloody teenage dream right there! Which basically means I’ve been waxing and tinting my brows for ten years, I’ve been doing them for so long I rarely wax them anymore as over time the regrowth just doesn’t seem to happen. I do still regularly tint them though and if I think they need a little filler I would use a little eyebrow brush and a brown eye shadow never a pencil!

Crumbs after saying I couldn’t talk about makeup for too long I haven’t half rambled on... I’ll leave it there for now and hit you up with my face maintenance next week......

Martha xx

Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup

Double Wear Waterproof All Day Extreme Wear Concealer

Defining Curl Mascara

Pure Colour Powder Blusher

Hydrating Colour Drench Lipstick