Updated: Nov 8, 2018

So, like most of us it took until I was in my twenties to realise that looking after my skin was just as important as what I was plastering all over it.

It was around the time of my wedding when I was obsessed with being wedding ready…

I am quite fortunate that I have good skin I never get spots and rarely have issues other than a bit of dehydration which I think most people can relate to.

-Tired eyes-

My main problem areas are those dark circles which we all know the best solution for is plenty of water and plenty of sleep. Easier said than done while being a working mother to four. Baring that in mind I do try to drink plenty of water I’ve taken to carrying round one of those Love Island esk bottles I generally pop a slice of lemon in to liven it up a touch. Sleep....well that’s a different story I’ve been trying to sleep for eight years now and I’m not the best sleeper anyway even if all the children did sleep well.

The trouble with lack of sleep is I then generally find myself craving caffeine to liven myself up so I’m often reaching for another coffee or Diet Coke to give me a boost. Which then just dehydrates you more. I’ve tried various eye creams on the market, but I have recently discovered a new favourite which is a Kheils avocado based cream, which you apply under the eye before bed.

-Night time routine-

I can’t deny I’ve been known to just hop into bed without taking my makeup off after a hectic day, but I cannot stress enough the importance of taking of that slap! I’m no expert but to me it feels like you skin can take a break and breath as well as drinking up all the goodness you put on it. So, what do I put on it? Well first I take it off, if you like me use Estée Lauder double wear you will know it takes some getting off. I use two products firstly I use a creme based cleanser by Neil’s Yard followed by Miceller water, if you use a light foundation a Miceller water would be enough. I then use Kheils ultra facial cream and my Kheils eye cream, so it really is a matter of moments before I hop into bed.

In the morning I just whip over with the cleanser again and then use the Kheils ultra facial cream.

-A little bit extra-

If I’m feeling tired or run down or generally need a little lift, there’s a few things I do/use.

I’m a huge fan of a face mask but hate waiting to take them off, so I generally go for something that is super moisturising and just gets drunk up into your skin overnight. In the past I used to do a Sudocrem face mask at least once a week!!!!! Yes, the stuff you put on babies bottoms I remember reading an article written by a top model (I can’t even remember which one now) who used to do one every night to keep her skin glowing. It sounds a bit crazy, but I think it really does work. I also swear by Neil’s Yard beauty balm it’s an oily Vaseline type consistency which is fab if you’re having a particularly dry spell with your skin. Again, I would only put this on at night as it is oily, so you wouldn’t want your makeup going over it unless you want it to slide of and end up on the floor.

-Other bits and bobs-

tan- I’ve recently discovered the St Tropez express one hour wash off mouse. I find it super convenient to pop on and wash off shortly after, I must confess I leave it for a good few hours though not just one.

Teeth- I’m practically married to Mr McLean I mean have you seen that guys teeth? I can’t be seen stood next to him with stained teeth now can I. I use a home kit which are gel strips you pop on for half an hour each day until you are happy with the colour and then just top up occasionally. Nothing as fancy as Josh’s retainer and syringes from the dentist.

Nails- I literally don’t do mine not my hands anyway I don’t have time and if I did get them done I just pick them off and leave them looking terrible. I do have my toes done every four weeks or so with Gelish polish though. I have a weird thing that I think toes look weird without colour on........

I hope this helped someone even a little. I’m no expert but I’m always so happy to share what I’m doing.

Martha xxx

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream

St. Tropez Self Tan Express

Neal's Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm

Neal's Yard Rejuvenating Cleanser