lounge revamp

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Our lounge was the first room we redecorated when we brought the house five years ago, we are lucky that this room has lots of lovely features like the log burner and exposed brick wall, we took up the carpet which was covering the orginal floor boards. We decorated in a very cottagy style using sage greens and gold furnishings, with traditional brown leather sofas.

I still really liked our lounge five years on, but wanted to modernise it slightly and when we started moving furniture it made us realise how much the Job needed doing even log burners create quite a mess, some of the walls looked like we'd had a small house fire!!!!!!!!!

Although I really liked the colour no one wants to repaint a room the same shade, saying that I'll definitely be using my kitchen paint in my next house. I love all the grey tones popping up everywhere but I wanted it slightly more coastal, so we went for more of a blue grey on the walls which is Johnstones Manhattan grey. Such good value quality paint and covers quickly, I've used popular more expensive brands in the past and not got along with them. I also painted the big dresser and the TV unit in a similar colour but a darker tone which was colours by B&Q slate grey.

I like to try and keep the lounge a toy free zone, to the naked eye anyway. In that big trunk is every princess dress going and behind that dresser door is a lifetimes supply of play dough, which I've hidden using window film from Amazon which was as cheap as chips at £10 a roll and super easy to fit.

As I said I still liked a lot of this room so not everything changed, I wanted a lighter feel so the dark brown sofas went and have been replaced by the comfiest sofa ever which is a little piece of luxury from the sofa workshop! The comfy joe truly is like sitting on a cloud, we went for the pale pistachio as I didn't want to buy too much into the grey theme as you know how these trends change.... And we already had beautiful handmade curtains which tied in perfectly. I didn't want the room to feel overcrowded, so we went for the large sofa and just one armchair which was a bargain from Ikea.... Not all that comfy but I won't be sitting on it.....

Another new piece was the mirror above the fireplace from house of Brissi which is just beautiful and I know where ever we live it will fit in somewhere. It comes in two colour we went grey, and two sizes I've seen both after a slight hiccup in measurements, as in I didn't measure just guessed! this one is the smaller of the two.

We put a rustic plank above the TV which I've placed lots of knickknacks on including my fav gin bottles. We created a picture wall behind the sofa with frames I've collected over the years from places like Homesense. I stacked lots of logs either side of the fireplace to add character and they'll dry out a treat, though I dread to think of the number of spiders living behind them. We already had two pictures by Sue Fenlon which we have placed above the blanket box which were wedding gifts, I'm not an arty person but I love her style, I also have two in my kitchen.

Most of my finishing touches have been from Ikea, Pablo the house plant and his pot (who is still living) he may have to relocate once we start lighting the fire, a lovely super soft throw and a few of those sheepskin rugs which are a little addictive and just go anywhere. I've put one on the blanket box which makes for perfect extra seating if we have lots of people round. My best buy has got to be a fab little side table which was a bargain from Sainsburys at thirty pounds.....I may need another.........

My top tips if you’re planning a little revamp are.....

~ Don't get sucked into branded paints too much, lots of cheaper options do the job just as well.

~ Measure everything even if you think it'll be fine, it probably won't.

~ Mix up the luxuries and bargains to create a happy medium. No one notices a ten pound throw on a bespoke sofa.

Martha xx