just a mum and a camera trying to work out how to turn it on......

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

This one’s for the novices as in if you have some or even a little photography knowledge chances are it’s more than me, I am a basic bitch when it comes to taking my photos! That said I’m asked daily about this, So I wanted to share.

Picture taken with camera

I don’t own a tripod or a fancy light or one of those round disk things which remind me of a pop-up tent. Up until recently I didn’t own a camera...... I know stop the police get this blogger removed she’s not the real deal. I joke but in all honestly a few months ago whilst I was still happily snapping away pics on my iPhone I would see other bloggers with they’re fancy pants cameras dangling round their necks and feel somewhat of a fluky fraud. It sounds silly but the thought of cameras and editing just completely overwhelmed me I am a completely useless when it comes to technology.

Picture taken with iPhone

Anyway, recently I have bought a camera, I had been thinking about it for a while but whenever I investigated it the massive array of options blew my mind. Then a lovely lady I follow on Instagram @Hannahfgale did a review of the new Canon Power Shot G9 and completely sold it to me with the words ‘easy to use’.

My images have always been snapshots of our day so a camera I can just whip out was key no tripods no lens changing. I’m a snap and post instagrammer I don’t overly plan (which might be a mistake) but that’s how I’ve always done it, the images you see are nearly always pictures I’ve taken of that day I’m not really one for pre-planning partly because I’m just that flaky and partly because I like my pictures to feel natural not staged especially when it comes to the children.

Picture taken with camera before edit

I will link the exact model below, but I picked it up in John Lewis and its price of £360 wasn’t too painful either. I was conscious I didn’t want to spend too much in case it was something I never used. One tip that stuck in my head was to make sure it had WiFi so I could send images straight from the camera to my phone.

And so far, so good naturally Josh had to give me a hand setting up and I still don’t know what half the settings do but I’m so pleased with how my pictures are coming out they are so much clearer and brighter. One thing you will notice with an iPhone image is if you want to crop or zoom in the quality of the picture becomes worse and worse and very grainy. with a camera you can zoom right in and still have the high-resolution finish. Also, the quality of the original image is so much better it means a lot less editing.

Edited picture taken with new camera

When it comes to editing I’ve never done huge amounts I don’t use a special app and I never use a filter. I generally brighten (if needed) to keep everything looking nice and light and sometimes depending on the type of image I might add a little saturation or warmth. The tool I use the most must be cropping I’m a little OCD with straight lines.

So that’s it I’m afraid that’s all my photography tips a little underwhelming I know but I think it’s working ok.

Martha Aka not a photographer just a mum and a camera that can turn it on!!