house plans whats changed

When we bought this house in November 2017 we didn’t relocate as such, although the distance was enough to mean a school change for the children. As some of my long-standing followers will know we lived in a cottage previously, so our current house was a practical choice. As lovely as the cottage was the square footage was against us and our ever-growing family.

The first house we viewed was in our old village which seemed too good to be true considering how small the village is. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be we put an offer in but as our house hadn’t sold the offer was declined. We knew at this point we really did want to move so we put the cottage on the market and after only one other viewing we found our house, bigger and practical with heaps of potential but not in our search radius. It does however happen to be where both my mum and sister live and where I grew up. So, although it meant a change of location it was familiar.

When we bought it, we were thinking this would be a 5-10-year house for us, basically do us until we buy our forever home. We’ve completely transformed it into a family home, and we are so pleased with what we’ve done. In a lot of ways, we’ve gone against our personal tastes. I will forever be an old house person as will Josh, but this isn’t an old house, so we didn’t want to decorate it that way.

Since doing this house I’ve had a few messages from people saying they miss my old kitchen .......... So do I at times but hey wouldn’t it be dull to do each house exactly the same? No this isn’t my dream kitchen, but I like it and it suits this house. For me interior design shouldn’t have one theme it should change and develop from house to house, and that’s exactly what we’ve done; I’ve chosen things I like but also been realistic on what works with this type of house. It’s been fun to try something different and choosing things I like right now because no we won’t live here in 5 years’ time, so I don’t need to think about loving it forever.

We are now coming to the end of renovating the existing house, we’re just finishing up with the garden and odd bits of painting etc. Our plan was to then move on to a single storey extension to open the kitchen up into an open plan kitchen/family living area. However, this is where we find ourselves currently in limbo...

The village we live in is lovely although it is around six times if not more bigger than where we used to live and although yes we still live in the countryside we miss our tiny village and how rural it felt and unfortunately this is something we’ve had to live and learn.

However, buying this house was by no means a mistake we have hopefully made enough money doing it up to help us get to where we want to be, and it has given us the space we so desperately needed. The children are very happy at their new school which is in a tiny village nearby where I would quite like to live if the right house came up.

I feel like I’m rambling and not really getting to the point, but honestly, we are just completely unsure whether to just finish up and start looking or whether to suck it up carry on and stay for another few years. I think when you’re checking what’s added to Rightmove every 24 hours it’s probably a sign you’re not quite happy where you are? It feels very much like a conflict between head and heart, our heads say stay put, save money and enjoy the house that we’ve worked so hard on at least for a few years but our hearts say sell up and move back to a smaller village which would probably mean a smaller house!

We know that if we did the extension it would add more value than we would spend but would it mean we would live here for 5 years longer? No, it wouldn’t because ultimately it is location, location, location… Phil and Kirsty really do know their stuff don’t they. And in the meantime, we’d lose Josh to the extension for 6 months, as for us, like you know house renovations mean a lot of hard graft from my husband no building contractors whizzing up walls for us I’m afraid.

So, this is where we are right now weighing it all up, I’m asked so often how do we do it all with the kids around and here’s your answer, I guess? Josh grafts hard and I keep the kids out of the way mostly. which can be so hard when weekends pass, and it feels like they’ve not seen him or that we’ve had no family time. I feel so very lucky that Josh is able and enjoys doing so much of the work as it wouldn’t be possible to do what we have if he couldn’t. We are just unsure whether all that time with daddy is worth missing out on for a house we’re not in love with.

So, if someone could kindly tell me the answer that would be fabulous?

So, to simplify the conversation we discuss most days...

Do we finish up and put the house on the market looking in the smaller surrounding villages as we are happy with the children’s school and Felix’s’ option for secondary which isn’t all that long off.


Do the extension and stay for at least 2 to 3 more years (the sensible option)

Maybe I should just do an IG poll and be done with it!

Martha xx