felix's room

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Again, I’ve failed slightly at the before pictures but there wasn’t a lot to see, it was basically a magnolia box. Moving from the cottage to a newer house with zero character has made me realise how much harder it is to decorate and style when you have nothing to work with. Felix’s last bedroom had a little fireplace, original doors and lots of interesting nooks in the shape, whereas this room really was a blank canvas! It’s the smallest bedroom in the house but still a great size I think!

I’m all for children having a say in the décor of the bedrooms after all its their little space and a great way for them to start experimenting with how they put things together and what they like, obviously with a little guidance! We started off with orange (not ideal) then while we were decorating the lounge he kept asking for ‘that dark blue’ in his room, a much better option! Felix is seven so certainly not a little one but not quite at the uber grown up tweenager stage just yet!

So, we decided on the Hague blue which I was happy with as his lovely Aspace curtains from his last bedroom match a treat! It’s such a strong colour I felt a whole room would be too much, I’d also had my heart set on getting some wallpaper up in this house as the walls in the cottage were far too uneven!

Finding the right style was tricky but after many hours spent searching with Felix we found the perfect one we both loved, the Little Sanderson Treasure Map from Wallpaper Direct it comes in a few colour ways, I actually love the multi way which has kicks of red, yellow and green but the neutral is much more grown up and coordinates with the Hague blue perfectly!

All the doors in the house are pine and hurt my eyes a little with their gold handles if I’m honest. Painting doors is so time consuming though so we’re painting them and changing handles as we do each room. We’ve gone eggshell as I prefer the finish to gloss. The doors will all be white with chrome handles. Being a 1960’s house it’s very spacious and we’ve gained lots of handy storage all of the bedrooms have big cupboards, we painted Felix’s cupboard door Hague blue to make a feature of it.

We decided to get a new bed, he used to have a high sleeper which was fun for a while.... and worked well in the unusual shape of his last room. We now have three of these beds from Asda they are such good value at £75 and perfect for children’s rooms, Felix’s is dark grey, but they do an array of colours. He was also well over due a new mattress, he now has one from Simba Sleep. We received one a few months back and it really is a game changer, they even have a 100-night sleep trial, so you can be sure!

I know a lot of children (boys especially) end up with themed bedrooms but I’m just not a matchy matchy person for me it’s all about putting lots of bits you love together! For me this room is still a bit empty and I’m keeping my eye open for a few new pieces, I’d really love to get him a little desk, I have my eye on one from Blue Ticking. My best buy must be the print tray I picked up on Ebay for £10 any Lego mad boy would love this, Felix is obsessed with the stuff and spent ages setting it up!

For me rooms are never complete they are always evolving with the bits and pieces you put in them, but décor wise I’m happy with what we’ve done so far except for the carpet which is being replaced at the end of the month with a much more contemporary light grey style. For now, I’ve listed below where we discovered some great finds.......

Martha xx

Bed – Asda (out of stock at present)

Bedding – H & M

Mattress – www.simbasleep.com

Light Up `F` – Next

Batman Storage Sack – www.hellohenry.co.uk

Curtains – Aspace

Toy Storage Unit – Kidkrafttoys

Lego display/Print Tray – Ebay

Penguin and King Kong Prints – Showlershowler

Wall Paper – wallpaperdirect.com

Paint – Farrow and Ball