Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Another busy month leaving my update a little left behind!

We started the month off with the aim of completing the bathroom well that hasn’t happened but we’re getting there and its looking great if I do say so myself! We did finish Felix’s bedroom though and he’s loving it as am I! We carpeted the whole upstairs which has been quite the transformation making the house feel so much brighter and contemporary ... no good could ever come from that brown carpet!

After my last update I had lots of messages asking how Felix is now settling in at his new school! He’s been invited to two playdates and had a great time at both, he never complains about going to school and I did have a word with his teacher who wasn’t worried at all but did say she would keep a close eye on him for me and let me know if she thought anything was amiss! The new school is even smaller than their last, I think there’s around eighty pupils in total however there are more boys in Felix’s new class than his old class where there were only six in total. So, as you can imagine they were quite a tight knit little gang, especially as they  had all been together from preschool! Felix’s new class is boy heavy and I think I’m coming to realise it’s not that he’s unhappy he’s just finding his feet and his place in a bigger group of friends, which may take a while. After half term another little boy started in the year and Felix was delighted not to be the new boy anymore (poor new boy), they may only be seven, but the group dynamics and hierarchy is no different to a group of adult men it seems.

Felix hasn’t been the only one feeling out of his comfort zone, this month I was invited to an event in Liverpool by Very to celebrate international Women’s day! I find when you’re a stay at home mum doing anything that is just about you can feel a little bit like you’ve had your comfort blanket ripped away, without a baby on your hip to hide behind you can suddenly feel quite vulnerable! But I’m so glad I did it, I had the best day meeting the wonderful team and lots of other bloggers, getting to know them and talk everything from work to motherhood was such fun. As well as getting my hair and makeup done and trying out they’re fabulous clothes!

With February came Tiggy’s first birthday I know everyone says It, but where did that year go? When your last baby hits these milestones, it can feel a little bittersweet and I thought I would feel sad. But I didn’t at all, partly because I think they’re babies at least until they turn two! We have a tradition of going out for the day to celebrate birthdays and with Tiggy only being one her day out was more for the older children, although she did love the train! We went to Kidzania at Westfied London, the children had the best time pretending to be grownups trying out all the different jobs and most importantly getting paid!

And of course, Tiggy had her joint birthday and christening party which I’m so pleased we made the time for amongst the house renovations! We love doing up houses it really is our, or at least my? passion, but I would never want it to get in the way of us doing these important things like days out and birthday parties because that is what they will remember isn’t it? not how nice the bathroom was while they were growing up. If your reading this Josh that doesn’t mean the bathroom can drag on into April!

Looking ahead into March we plan to finish the bathroom and redecorate the girl’s bedroom. We have no birthdays or big events this month so hopefully we can have a slightly quieter one! We did join the National Trust recently so hopefully the weather picks up and we can head out with Frank on some adventures.

Martha xx