dressing my little women

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Something I love to do and take pride in is dressing my girls.

There is absolutely no shortage of beautiful girls clothes it's just deciding what to buy without having to remortgage your house!

Having three girls does make it easier, as generally I have a stash in the loft I can dip into, although I do often sell pieces on as I like to choose new things for all my children, and just keep the favourites!

I am a self confessed Boden addict, though recently I have drifted since other high street brands have upped their game (for a fraction of the cost) I'm loving Marks and Spencer's, Zara and my favourite at the moment is Next! So I'm sorry Boden but you're on hold until the next big discount code.

Instagram has opened up a whole new world of shopping which can be dangerous especially during night feeds...... thankfully Tiggy has started sleeping through the night so Josh's wallet is a little safer for now!

The clothes I buy from these small businesses are made by hand! They will be worn and loved by all three girls, these to me are their heirloom pieces that will go into the loft and come back out when they've grown up and I'm feeling nostalgic over a gin and tonic!

My ultimate is JunoTribe her beautiful dresses, rompers and bloomers make my heart melt and teamed with my beloved knee high socks (Primark) they really are perfection in my eyes!

As Indie has grown up we have discovered a whole new world of hair accessories I think I'm as addicted to collecting bows as she is. Instagram has no shortage of these handmade beauties some of our favourites are papercrownshopuk, _eviemichelle and our party bows, as Dot calls them are from pippapelo!

Working for a small business myself, I really do love to buy from these companies.... the amount of times me and my sisters would do a happy dance in the office, and toast a glass of fizz after a successful Saturday with brides, it really is a great feeling.......

So to think I could be the person making someone else do a happy dance is just fab!!!!

Martha xx