So, I promised a regular monthly update and I have already failed! hopefully you will all forgive me we all know December and January go in a bit of a blur.

After moving into the new house at the end of November Christmas wasn’t thought about until around mid-December really, which turned out to be no bad thing. Over the years what I’ve found is the earlier I start the more I will spend, as I will always spot more bits and pieces, or the children will keep adding to their lists and so it spirals, and I end up with a lot of unnecessary gifts.

This Christmas was our first ever hosting at home and it truly was the best Christmas we’ve ever had since having our own family! It was so nice not to have to rush them out of the door straight after breakfast!  I love cooking so doing my own Christmas lunch was great fun, and I stole some top tips from the lovely Sally (getting stuff done in heels) she really is the hostess with the mostess!

While all the children were little it was nice to go elsewhere on Christmas day as well as getting to see family it really did take the pressure off! But now the children range from bambino Tigs to a nearly eight-year-old Felix I feel like we really are spoilt in having children covering all the lovely stages (no grumpy teens just yet) Christmas felt just as I remembered it as a child, never a quiet moment and rather hectic but bloody brilliant!

Moving into January, we hosted New Year’s Eve which has become a bit of a tradition, nothing spectacular, just takeaway a few sparklers and a lot of champagne fuelled charades. Both Indie and Felix made it to midnight this year which they loved, and they joined in with a little toast (of lemonade) I often here people fretting at they’re little ones growing too quickly but I honestly just love these moments. Easy for me to say I guess as I still have babies too.

The new year bought a new school for Felix and Indie and a new preschool for Dots! It’s not been an easy step for any of us, the children made amazing friendships at their first school as did I, and not just chit chats at the school gates friends, proper friends we’ve holidayed with. My main concern was Dots it took her a while to settle when she initially started preschool shortly after she turned two, followed by Indie whose BFF as she called her seemed irreplaceable! Felix, I had no concerns about, he has always been popular a bit of a ring leader and never had any dramas! So far Dots has settled well, as has Indie throwing herself full heartedly into a new BFF relationship (so fickle) and then there’s Felix I don’t want to sound dramatic as I know there are parents with much bigger worries, but he’s just not himself. He’s quieter he’s not mentioning specific friends and he just seems a little down when it comes to school! Indie has been invited to her first playdate next week with one of her new friends which she is super excited about. I thought this a good opportunity for Felix to invite someone here, when I broached the subject he got super excited until he realised I meant one of his new friends....... which then the excitement disappeared into thin air. I know its early days, but I can’t help but worry he truly was the life and soul with his last group of friends and it’s not nice to see such a change, hopefully as the term continues he’ll perk up but I will be keeping a close eye!

House wise you may have seen we’ve been cracking on with the family bathroom which I can’t wait to finish in February. We’ve also decorated Felix’s bedroom which I will be sharing next week! I’d forgotten how consuming house renovation is, my main duty is to keep the kids out of the way, bring on the spring when they can be out in the garden!

Our biggest news in January must be the much-anticipated arrival of our little pup Frank the miniature wire haired dachshund! We have now had him a week and although he’s still settling in its safe to say we’re all smitten. There’s something to be said in getting the pup amongst the home improvements mayhem, although I don’t particularly want him to do his business on the kitchen floor or to chew the skirting board, at least it’s not a swish new kitchen he’s chewing on!

Looking ahead to February our little Tigs who we still treat like a new-born will be turning one, we have decided to have her christened and celebrate her birthday together! I’m for ever multitasking so two parties in one is music to my ears, we did this for Dots first birthday too and it worked well, basically a first birthday party with a little church service beforehand! The vicar even sang happy birthday during Dots service which was hilarious!

Blog posts to come in Feb will be the bathroom renovation, Felix’s bedroom and the christening as well as lots more interior chats!!!

Martha xx