the wedding part one

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

We had a holiday booked already for that summer, in Charmouth, Dorset which we'd been going to since Felix was comes the light bulb moment (probaly after a glass or two) hey I'm sure we can plan a wedding in six months!!! why don't we do it while we are in Dorset ?

So in the February Josh and I trotted down to Dorset for a flying visit and planned the lot. We'd obviously done our research prior to this but wanted to go for a recky......we booked ourselves into the Bridge House Hotel in Beaminster for the night where we had planned to have the reception for the wedding, the ceremony was held at Mapperton Gardens which really is breathtakingly beautiful......... I literally fell in love when I saw it...... I really hate it when brides refer to themes for their weddings, but its hard not to, if mine had one it was definitely the secret garden, this place was just that, a haven that isn't manicured to perfection but left to go a bit wild. Whimsical is probably my favorite word and that pretty much sums up our day!

The night before the wedding me, my mum, my sisters, bridesmaids, and the children stayed at the house, luckily the house we had already booked happened to be big and beautiful (mums a holiday snob) and Josh stayed at the bridge hotel with all the boys.

We used a florist in Beaminster who we had visited in the February, I had a smallish posey of tuber roses which I had never heard of before our wedding but honestly there smell is just insane and that's what I wanted 'to smell like a meadow' I think I said to the lady? crikey you don't half go a bit kooky when your getting married!

My sister Daisy was a beautician before we started the bridal shop (handy) so she did my makeup which was great because I didn't hold back in telling her exactly what I wanted and when it wasn't right.... something me and my sisters all suffer with is not saying when we're not happy. Seriously I've walked out a salon before with pretty much black hair after asking for a soft chocolate brown and said 'yup I love it' we went to the mac counter a few weeks before and bought all new products which she used on the day and I had for touching up and afterwards. I did my own hair. At this point it was really long, and I wanted most of it down just with a few bits pinned back, plus I'm not really a fan of other people doing my hair. This might be the actual reason why I'm never happy when I come out of a salon.

That dress the one I'd seen in London on a shopping trip with work when I was about 18, I'm pretty sure it was pre Josh actually! I remember saying to mum and Daisy 'that's it that's the one I'm having' I didn't even try it on.......... but as soon as I was engaged mum managed to get hold of one for the wedding and that was that, thinking back it's a bit ridiculous! if a bride came in and tried to order a dress without trying it on I'd think she was mad and wouldn't let her.

Working at the shop though I'd flounced around in so many of them I new exactly what I did and didn't want, mum and Daisy didn't even question it, they knew too!! So it had to be perfect! I had the multi coloured acacia head piece lent from Jenny Packham (perk of the job) and a Juliette cap veil which I had handmade in Ireland, I sent over the spare beads from the dress and the sketches so they could copy the detail. I can't even remember how much this cost I think I've blocked it out...... this is around the point our low key wedding began to spiral...........

The five flower girls wore dresses from wild and gorgeous and i bought ribbon to make a braid for their hair they had ballet shoes the proper ones for dancing not these plastic soled imposters. Felix was head to toe in Zara and I had a waistcoat made for him which matched Josh's cravatte in Liberty fabric (the obsession begins) my big girls wore loose flowing full length dresses which was a good job as one had just popped and the other was about to, it really isn't a wedding unless there's a bridesmaid about to give birth!

I walked down the isle (lawn) to the music from the secret garden in scorching 28 degree heat everyone was roasting and my chicken fillets were sliding of my sweaty skin, which I later threw to my sister in between photos! I think there was about thirty of us in total which is basically our immediate family I'm one of five and Josh is one of six....... my lip quivered, Josh cried like a baby as did everyone else! my sister did a Doctor Seuss reading which really got me going. We took a hamper full of champagne which we cracked open and explored the gardens, while we had photos taken With our family friend and photographer who we had bought with us Stacey Lee Terry.

We then went onto the Bridge House Hotel where we had the most amazing food in their garden under the pagola, the best men had been trusted to dress the tables and put out favours in the morning. We had one big table in a u shape so everyone could sit both sides and really chat and enjoy the food. I'm not a fan of top tables where you sit in a long line, I always think it looks like the bride and groom are looking out at all there guests thinking I wonder what they're talking about........

We headed back to Charmouth where we had some snaps on the beach and then went back to the house where we had the mother of all Waitrose deliveries the day before. We partied the night away in the gorgeous cottage garden, babies up in their beds, pregnant bridesmaid in charge of monitors (handy) we bought France out of cheese (we have this thing for cheese) oh and Italy out of Prosecco!

The rest of the week was spent on the beach with our little family enjoying that scorching sun and gossiping about our perfect day, going back to Dorset will always feel so special................

We're yet to have a honeymoon just the two of us, but at the time I just didn't feel ready to leave a very small Felix and Indie......we always said on our five year anniversary we'll go away, But guess what that's next year and there's two more little people I'm not ready to leave, so Ilmafi coast we'll see you for the big ten years!!!!!

Martha xx