city mini 10th anniversary review

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

As you may already know I have been working with Baby Jogger over the last few months trying and testing products to bring you detailed and honest reviews.

This month we’ve been trialling the new City Mini 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Stroller which is basically a pimped-up version of the Classic City Mini to celebrate 10 whole years of this fabulous pram.

In addition to the standard stroller the special edition brings you fancy fabrics with leather accents and a free removable belly bar. This pram was designed to bring ease to your day to day errands whether it be the school run or popping into town its lightweight and compact design makes it a piece of cake.

Since using the pram I’ve been pleasantly surprised by its sturdiness, in no way does compact and lightweight mean this pram cannot withstand different terrains, in fact this has become my favourite dog walking buggy! Its slim line frame makes narrow footpaths no problem and the one wheel at the front makes the dreaded kissing gates a breeze. With the deep seat that lies almost flat and the large hood I know Tiggy will be super cosy and protected from the elements as the weather changes, so our much-loved dog walks can go on well into the winter.

Other top perks must be the huge under seat basket perfect if your nipping into town for a few bits. So many strollers nowadays have next to no storage which just won’t do when you’re a multitasking mummy. Another great feature is the two peek a boo windows on the hood, so I can keep an eye on Tigs as we go, especially as she tends to throw her shoes out along the way.

The stroller folds down neatly in one piece taking up very little room in the boot which is great for us, as a family of six boot space is precious. If your little one is still in the first stage car seat you can also get adapters for compatible car seats to fit onto the stroller which is super handy if you don’t want to risk waking a sleeping baby.

All in all, we are loving this stroller so far and I would go as far to say it has been my favourite Baby Jogger Pram we’ve reviewed so far.

Here is a link for more information and price details over on the Baby Jogger website

Martha x