christmas table

So, the big day is fast approaching, and this year will be our first at home, we will be going to my parents in the afternoon, but lunch will be here! 

Being a fully committed faffer the thought of doing it all ourselves is super exciting and I wanted to share with you a little insight into how our Christmas table will look! 

Yes, we have four children but on Christmas Day I will not let that stop the way I dress my perfect table. For me there must be candles and lots of them keeping them on tall stems or in jars keeps them safe from tiny fingers, I've used decanters for the long candles pictured even the stoppers are beautiful and look great just laid on the table as extra decoration these ones have been collected over the years from various charity shops and antique sales. 

I've used dried Eucalyptus, my favourite seasonal greenery, this is from last year! What I love about dried foliage is your table can last as long as you wish as there will be no wilting! The berries I've tucked in my Sophie Allport napkins are stolen from the bush in my neighbour’s garden... it was hanging over the fence, so I guess that's ok?!?! 

I covered the table with a white flat sheet out of the airing cupboard and topped it with a beautiful table runner from Sophie Allport which works as a perfect track to keep your decoration in, I find if you work within the lines of your runner for decoration then your guests can safely dine without risking leaning into a candle or a stem of something green creeping onto their plate. 

We are lucky that we have some lovely dragonfly glass wear which was bought for us from John Lewis when we got married. On Christmas Day even, the children have a little wine glass for their juice it makes them feel all grown up and keeps the table looking just right! My white crockery and cutlery are both from Ikea. I'm a huge fan of things looking bright and fresh although I am determined to paint a least one room in the new house a colour other than white! 

Our table comfortably sits eight, but if your struggling for space or like me don't like to feel cluttered while eating, creating a side table for condiments and platters works well. Even if you just chuck a table cloth over the toy storage it really is handy to have that extra surface, and if the bottles are kept on the side it's one less thing for a little person to knock over!

I hope this has given you a little inspiration below are listed the stockists of some items. 

Martha xx

Table runner and napkins from Sophie Allport

Plates and crockery from Ikea

Reindeer head from Deer and Bird