back to school

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

I can't quite believe we're nearly back to school already, don't get me wrong some days I've been pulling my hair out but I can honestly say the last six weeks have flown by!

I find one of the hardest parts of being a mother to four is shopping.....When taking all four of them is the only option! Of course this is a last resort, when I've already sent my husband a list of things to grab on the way home three times that week, which generally starts off with can you grab milk and bread then spirals into a full blown weekly shop!

People are always telling me to do online grocery shopping, I've tried it but I'm just not that organised (I wish I was) I always miss things and we're a bit more of a “what do you fancy tonight?” kind of family rather than a weekly meal plan crew!

When it comes to the back to school shop I have one main aim which is, it all has to be done in one hit from one shop!! Which is where Tesco comes in. I managed to completely kit my kids out in one shop while picking up all the ingredients for a Spag Bol! Handily Tesco even supply our schools embroidered uniform which you can order online so I really didn't need to shop anywhere else!

I love the first day back pictures when their all so smart, fresh faced and bushy tailed ready for another exciting year! It's just a question of how long that lasts? I picked up stain repellent polo’s which if anyone can test their quality that would be a seven-year-old boy, along with trousers with reinforced knees (genius) meaning there won't be holes in trousers within a week!

This year Felix is moving into year three, I'm not quite sure how that happened so quickly? Apparently in year three they need their own pencil cases, no more grab a crayon from the pot! Which makes him feel very grown up, he was spoiled for choice in the stationary aisle, and it bought back all those memories for me of picking out smelly gel pens and vowing I wouldn't graffiti my pencil case that year, until a week in when it all goes to pot and I was declaring my love to Justin Timberlake on all my exercise books... Justin if you’re reading this I still feel the same!!!!

As some of you know there is a house move on the horizon, which for my little gang will mean a school move... They’re all dealing with the prospect amazingly well, probably better than me! So if and when that happens I'll be heading back to Tesco to kit them out again.... Not that it's the most important thing but I sure hope we don't get stuck with a dodgy coloured uniform, I'm quite partial to the navy they wear at the moment!!!

Martha xx

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