baby best buys

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Tiggy is now four months old, so I thought I would share with you some of our favourite baby bits...

Since having Felix things have changed so much, what you can buy, what you're told you need, even how to care for your years ago when he was born I was told to wean him at four months, now it's six, I bathed him at the hospital but this time they told me not to bath a newborn for as long as possible, to swaddle not to swaddle, lay them on their backs not their front...... the list goes on. Thankfully now at baby number four I've learned to listen and agree with the advice but I feel confident enough to just do it my way.

Each time we've had a baby there are new exciting (often pretty) items on the market which I convince myself I have to have, some of these things really are fantastic others we can totally live without!

The baby nest ~ these seem to have come about between me having Dottie and Tiggy I didn't buy one during pregnancy, but ordered one after our first night at home when she screamed every time she touched the Moses basket as if it were on fire..... I went for a fillbabba which is a Danish company and the nests are around £70, there are lots of other brands like sleepyhead etc but I chose this one, I hate to say it but for the cute pattern, which tends to be how I shop!!!!! This for me has been worth every penny it fits inside her crib perfectly and she still uses it now.

Play gym ~ I've always struggled with the plastic crap stage jumperoos, baby walkers and playmats I hate the look of them around my house though at times they are completely essential..... when jumping up and down in a mammoth space ship esk, lounge invading jumperoo is the only thing that keeps your teething eight month old happy, your hardly going to say no!!! But for now I am safe I found the cutest wooden A frame style play gym through Instagram from a company called thetipi, which Tiggy loves and it's more than easy on the eye. If I find a quainter version of a jumperoo I'll let you know but who am I kidding, the plastic bouncing circus will inevitably win in Tiggys eyes!

Baby sling ~ there is a serious craze for baby wearing happening I'm not a huge one for it myself although after discovering the fornessi wrap I've carried tiggy this way more than any of my others, which just shows I hadn't found the right one before. It is so easy to use and I watched the demo of how to tie it once and I'd cracked it, it really is so simple! I can remember when my sister had her daughter she bought a fabric wrap sling and we spent an hour in mums kitchen trying to suss it out just for the baby to practically slip out the bottom. I swear there was enough fabric to make curtains!

Baby monitors ~ obviously we've had them for all of our babies but the new thing seems to be video monitors which initially blew my mind a bit. I felt it seemed a little OTT to watch your baby from a tiny screen on your sofa. However having a particularly rolly baby I find it really handy as she tends to flip straight onto her tummy at any given chance so I can keep an eye that she's comfortable and her legs aren't hanging through the bars! I'll always be slightly creeped out by them (generally a fear of seeing a ghosty) by not using it at night if josh is out and keeping the baby downstairs with me seems to solve that one.....

Essentials ~ some of the other things I couldn't live without from baby number one to four.....

Dummies ~ to give or not give its your choice, but if you want to get anything done give the baby the dummy, chances are you won't end up with an eleven year old dummy sucker.

Car seat adapters ~ these are a god send when you need to nip into one shop and the babies asleep in the car there's no need to wake them (only short sharp journeys mind you) Giant Muslins ~ feeding cover, blanket, playmat, superhero Cape these really are an essential my favourites are boden, Aiden and anais and little blue baby nest.

We'll  forever be discovering new things that make caring for our little ones that bit easier or prettier if you're like me, my next quest is to find a practical but beautiful high chair which doesn't take over my whole kitchen wish me luck.....

Martha xx